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Hours crafting prose, poetry and lyrics for music written or yet to be written and in doing so discovered one basic truth of life and writing. Whereas music bars and notes come and go, the lyric or poetry of the song, if you will, is immortal. They can take you far away to exotic lands or leave you on your couch watching the rain fall endlessly during the fall, winter and spring. Follow a whaling vessel in search of the blue whale, sing the lament of a young man alone on the ocean, follow the musings of an ancient scribe as he follows life trails or follow the battles raging or yet to be raging in a young soldier’s heart.               

Follow Headquarters Company, Austin, Texas for the ride of a lifetime. Join Jefferson Greely and Caleb Stringfeld as they hunt down two ner-do-wells then get on the trail of a marauding band of Comanche warriors!

 Jefferson's Chance,

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A show I did with author and friend, Katie Salidas. Check it out here!


Every Thursday evening, you will find me and Bobbi Jean Bell, Bob Brill and/or Russ Avison on the air at www.latalkradio.com/content/writers-block talking to authors, poets, song writers, screenwriters, biographers, etc. Join us and listen in, and, call if you are of a mind the number for the studio is:


Email to be a guest is:  guestwb@yahoo.com